Re-start from 4th July onwards (Government guidelines permitting)



Dear all

First and foremost I hope this update finds you all safe and well.

A big thank you for your patience while we see these unusual times through.

As you would expect, a few changes to the normal workshop practices has had to be adopted.


The most important changes are:

I will only be taking bookings for students that have been to me before and are experienced.


For newcomers that have previously had bookings and vouchers

I will endeavour to re-book you as soon as I am allowed and particularly when social distancing has been reduced.

Voucher dates will be extended, so please don’t worry if yours is looking likely to expire.

I will keep you updated to offer you some alternative dates as soon as possible.

For regulars:


I will only be taking up to 2 people at a time, unless you are all from the same family or are in the same ‘bubble’, then 3 will be the maximum. I will work in the second room, away from the main studio.

I will be able to give advice, but will not be able to help out as closely as you will have been used to.

Workshops will be run on: MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS to allow for cleaning on Tues, Thurs and Sat.


Face masks are up to the individual – you will be working virtually back to back at either end of the benches. I will be wearing one if I need to give you advice within the 2m distancing rule. Please bring your own masks as these will be more comfortable if you decide to wear for extended periods. I can provide disposable ones.


As is the general rule - frequent handwashing or hand sanitising is key, so please feel free to do so whenever you wish.

I am having a NEW LOO! It will be outside, heated and with a sink, so you will not have to go in the house. I will leave wipes and spray inside for you to wipe down surfaces on leaving.


Whenever possible I will leave the studio door or studio windows open to let the air circulate.



I will put out a set of equipment on each workstation along with gloves, hand sanitiser and anti bac wipes. If you can, please bring as many of your own tools as possible including tea towels. My equipment is still available to use so don’t worry if you do not have any or have forgotten something. If you would like to buy a set of tools, please let me know and I can get them ready for your next visit.

When you have finished your session, please leave all glass on the bench for me to clean, along with any tools that are borrowed from the shelves.



On choosing a large sheet of glass from the racks, you may want to clean it before use. Wearing gloves is a good idea of course, but please be aware they can snag on sharp edges.

As mentioned above, glass that was used and left over from previous students will have been cleaned before returning to the racks after 24-48 hrs.


Grinders and Kilns

I will be taking one grinder away, so you will have sole use of one grinder each.

Likewise, depending on the size of pieces or quantity of pieces you wish to make, you can have the sole use of one kiln only. Any glass that does not fit in your allotted kiln please leave at the back of the bench and as I’ve done for you all before I will transfer it/them into the kiln for you – you can trust me!



I am happy to provide tea and coffee as usual (please bring a mug) but if you prefer, bring a flask or you can make your own in the kitchen area. I will provide covered biscuits but the chocolate digestives will have to wait! Again, as the rules state, please wipe down surfaces and kettles for yours and others safety.



If I have  forgotten anything or you have any questions, please let me know either by phone, text, email etc.

In this new weird world that’s emerging we all need an outlet to relax and have fun. I am so looking forward to welcoming you all back and getting you all creating once again.


With kind regards,

See you soon!